Motherhood and climbing clothing...

spiderW 12.06.2018. Author: Enna

Hmmm… strange…

That was my first thought when I opened my package from 3rd Rock. I noticed small details and nice material right away but I was still unsecure about the cut. Since my closet is full of climbing clothes, after almost 20 years of climbing I can tell by look what will fit me or won't. On the first view, my lovely vest looked super short and I wasn't sure if inside bra will hold everything on its place. Leggings looked like they won’t fit me, not because of size but because of the cut. And then I tried my new items and all my prejudice fell into the water…

1. Vest is long and everything stands on it place

2. Leggings fit perfect

So I started to use my new items for all daily activities and test them over and over again :). Since I'm in motherhood movie at the moment, my favorite two tests were:

1. Breastfeeding? Yes!
Soft material, comfort and practical use are three things I want form my clothes, especially vests for climbing. Eclipse Black Peach vest is super soft and stretchy so I can breastfeed my baby and climb after without fear that my boob will fall out :). I did my „Spiderman“ test for this one :). Don’t worry, I tried it at home before taking this picture :D.

2. Leggings after birth? Yes!
I got two pair of leggings and can't decide which one I like better. Except of little pockets, both of them have beautiful cut and high waist. Let me explain why is that a good thing: 6 months after birth belly is still not at the same place where it was, but with Titan Botangle and Rise Astra Marl leggings it looks like it is :). It's always easier to do some activity and enjoy doing it when self-confidence is high, whether it's morning yoga routine or whole day climbing.

I did few more tests for usual things like comfort while climbing, legs behind head and so on :).

In one word my conclusion is: awesome!

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