Easter climbing

kompanj beer 12.04.2018. Autor: Enna

Oouuuu yeahhhhh, finally sun after 3 months of rain, snow, wind and more rain. Sunday, Easter day so we couldn’t miss morning eggs for whole day strength (and we needed some after long time and no climbing).

Anyway Easter in Kompanj was awesome, little bit of clouds, little bit of sun, a lot of climbing and a lot of tourists :), mostly from Czech Republic. Sunset came soon so we packed our bags and started to go toward parking lot. I came first and the first thing I saw was Czech guys cooking in front of their van, drinking beer and enjoying last rays of sunshine. I felt so nostalgic… I want that… Sitting in front of the van, cooking pasta and enjoying my beer while kids are jumping around. Gogo saw that look “I want that” in my eyes and he was trying to comfort me, but it didn’t really work...

Monday was so sunny I couldn’t wait to step on a rock. After changing few crags because of crowd we finally finished again in Kompanj. As we came out of our car, two Czech guys asked us help with pushing car. No problem! And the machine was on the road again. As we continued to the crag, we waived them and wish them safe trip to home.

On a rock two days in a row. Sun and trying new projects, what else can I wish…

Sunset, packing and back to the parking lot. From afar I could see some little paper on our windshield. First thought was “Sh** somebody accidently scratch our car”. Then I saw Goran is smiling and searching something under the car. I was really confused until he turned back to me asking “Enna remember what did you want to do yesterday after climbing?”, holding two beers in hands. My mind exploded like “WHAT??? Impossible!”.

kompanj beer2 I still don’t know what happened but I’m happy that it did. I wished beer in front of the van and I got it in just 24 hours. So if you want your wish come true, wish simple things.

If anybody knows that guys from the paper message tell them thanks for making my day (I could say a year :))!

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